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Low Heel Bridal Shoes

Are you currently looking for low heeled bridal shoes?  

We know that finding the perfect shoes is not an easy task!

So here is where I can help you, to get a lovely pair of wedding shoes that give you comfort, style and excitement!

Paradox, Rainbow Club, Quiz, Sargasso and Grey are some of the shoe companies who offer low heel shoes and in wide fit too.  I customise new and worn shoes and all brands of footwear.

When you find a pair of shoes that give you that beautiful feeling of comfort, that's the first step in the right direction.  Don't worry too much about their colour or style - because customisation can change them.

Lace covering, material covering, crystals, pearls, glitter, personalisation with names / dates, feathers, flowers, moons, stars, birds, musical notes .... the list is endless!  

  1. Tell me about your dream shoes on the form below

  2. Customisation is perfect to reflect who you are

  3. I will arrange a 'shoe chat' with you 

  4. Flexible pricing

  5. No obligation to go ahead

  6. 50% deposit 

  7. Balance on completion

I have lots of trimmings and am always sourcing new trimmings for customers, because every customer is different in what they want on their shoes.  The sky is the limit on what we add to shoes!  Tell me what you want.  Remember, you're the boss.

If you are still shoe-shopping, and not sure where to start looking for shoes, please don't worry.  Fill in the contact form below, and let me know that you are interested to know more. I am more than happy to call you and answer any questions you may have.

Price-wise ... it's so varied.  Do you have a budget?  Let me know!  I am flexible in my pricing. 

Or you can click here to view price guidelines.

We can do this together!

Get in touch so I can help you get those dream shoes

Thanks for submitting!

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