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About Nicky​

Nicky’s journey in the world of footwear design is truly inspiring! Let’s delve into the remarkable milestones of her career.


​Education and Passion:


Nicky’s educational journey began with a Footwear & Technology HND at De Montfort University in Leicester in 2006.


She further honed her skills by pursuing a Fashion & Accessories Degree (with a footwear pathway) at Northampton University, graduating in 2008.


Her passion for design and footwear fuelled her creative journey and she won design competitions with Clarks Shoes, T&A Footwear and a local leather handbag manufacturer in Northampton.


Meeting Industry Leaders:


Nicky had the incredible opportunity to meet company directors from renowned brands such as Fiorelli, Mulberry and Church’s Footwear.


These interactions allowed her to showcase her shoe designs and share her vision for the future.


Triple Sponsorship Achievement:


Nicky’s talent stood out, and she achieved something remarkable: securing sponsorships from three different companies impressed by her shoe design portfolios and forward-thinking concepts.  Her dedication and creativity set her apart as the only university student to achieve this triple award feat.

Photos show Nicky with Directors presenting the awards from The Leathersellers in London, T&A Leicester and Church's Footwear of Northampton.  Taken in 2007 at the Northampton Footwear Museum University Fashion Show.


Nicky’s final collection at Northampton University was a masterpiece—a fusion of hand-drawn designs, computer illustrations, market research and technical craftsmanship.


She created shoes, boots, shoulder bags, clutches, and large leather handbags, showcasing her versatility.  Nicky’s collection had the honour of being displayed in the Northampton Footwear Museum— a testament to her craftsmanship. Passers-by admired her work in the shop window of a local independent accessories boutique. Nicky’s live, unscripted radio interview allowed her to share her passion and journey with the Northampton community.


Professional Journey:


Since graduating in 2008, Nicky has immersed herself in the shoe industry as a full-time shoe designer.  In 2010, she expanded her horizons by venturing into customising shoes for individuals. Her unique designs have graced the shelves of Debenhams and Karen Millen.

Global Reach:

Based in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester, UK, Nicky Rox accepts shoe customisation requests from around the globe.


Whether it’s a bride’s dream wedding shoes or personalised trainers, Nicky brings creativity and craftsmanship to every pair.


Nicky Rox’s story is a testament to passion, talent and the artistry that transforms footwear into wearable works of art. If you’re ready to embark on your own shoe customisation journey, Nicky is here to make it extraordinary! 👠✨🎨 🌟

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Let’s embark on this creative journey together, where every shoe becomes a canvas for self-expression. Here’s what we can create:

Enchanting Bridal Shoes:

Imagine delicate lace, shimmering crystals, and perhaps a touch of satin ribbon. Bridal shoes can be adorned with your initials, wedding date, or even a hidden message.

Let’s chat about your wedding theme, your love story, and the emotions you want your shoes to evoke. We’ll weave those elements into the design.

Whimsical Trainers:

Trainers don’t have to be plain! Whether it’s your favourite trainers or casual kicks, we can add playful details.

How about tiny stars, colourful gems, or personalized motifs? Let’s make your trainers as unique as you are.

Statement Party Shoes:

For special occasions, let’s create show-stopping heels or flats. Think glitter, metallics, and bold patterns.

Whether it’s a Bat Mitzvah, a milestone birthday, or a girls’ night out, your shoes will steal the spotlight.

Elegant Evening Flats:

Comfort meets style! Customised flats can be equally glamorous. Pearls, crystals, or even calligraphy designs—they’re all on the table.

Share your favourite colours, inspirations, and any personal symbols you’d like to incorporate.

Chic Clutch Bags:

Occasionally, a bag deserves the spotlight too. Let’s transform a clutch into a work of art.

From monograms to floral patterns, we’ll make sure your bag complements your customized shoes.

Remember, with Nicky Rox this journey is about more than just shoes—it’s about capturing memories, emotions and individuality. I’m excited to see what we’ll create together! 👠✨🎨 🌟


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