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A bride's tale

"Nicky is the most helpful, ​kind, inventive shoe designer I've ever come across. She came up with a stunning and unique design for my wedding shoes which complimented my dress and flowers and wowed all our wedding guests.

I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful design for my wedding shoes! Nicky cleverly incorporated all the creative elements from the wedding into their design and added a sprinkling of sparkle. I love my shoes so much that now my wedding day has passed, I've put the shoes in a glass cabinet in my lounge so I can see them every day!"  

Rachel (the bride)

A bride's tale

wedding shoes with musical notes
bride and groom
wedding shoes with green, purple, blue feathers

Case Story written by Nicky Rox


Rachel & Tom - the bride and groom

So, when Rachel approached me asking for a pair of quirky shoes to compliment her wedding dress, I discovered she is a singer-songwriter and her wedding invitations would have a gramophone, musical notes and flying birds on them. Her dress would have gorgeous layers of colourful underskirts and embroidered birds in colours to match the underskirts, on the top of her wedding gown. After going through some ideas together Rachel then posted me her ivory satin shoes. When I received these, the first thing I did was remove a metal brooch sat on top of the shoes and in it's place I added ribbon which said 'I love you' and I created a knot with it, which I covered in emerald rhinestones. I added musical notes around the shoes using clear Swarovski crystals. Then I added doves and some coloured Swarovski around the platform and then added a bluebird brooch as a finishing touch with colourful feathers on the side to compliment the colours of her dress's underskirts. Her shoes were given their own design name of 'Songbird'.


Nicky turned my 'Plain-Jane' wedding shoes into Cinderella Shoes! They are AMAZING! They sparkle and are totally unique. I can't wait for my wedding day just to wear the shoes, nothing else matters now! Best of all Nicky was brilliant - giving advice on all sorts. An easy and trustworthy service I can highly recommend.

Emma D - Wimborne, Dorset

I cannot thank Nicky enough, she saved me when I needed her!

 I had other people quoting me for my wedding shoes who were unreliable and unprofessional, and who let me down last minute.When I contacted Nicky she took 100% of the worry away! She made my shoes in record time for me as I was running out of time before the big day!

She is the loveliest person to talk to and makes sure she understands 100% of your requirements. Then comes the shoes! And WOW! My wedding shoes are the best shoes I have ever seen. The Swarovski crystals sparkle amazingly in the light and the detail and work that Nicky has put into them is amazing. THANK you Nicky for my beautiful and amazing shoes. I cannot thank you enough and I HIGHLY recommend you to everyone!


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